Towards a new refugees crisis?

In Europe and in the USA, politicians are refusing the right to asylum to refugees .Syrian refugees from Daraa, July, 4, 2018jpg

In the USA, Trump’s policy is to reverse the DACA, and to refuse the entry on the US territory to migrants ; even children are separated from their parents and incarcerated.Trump want to ban Syrian refugees, January, 30, 2017.png

In Europe, the right to asylum is violated, too.Those who reached their goal sleep in streets : REfugees in Paris, 2.jpg

Migrants , who are actually numerous from Syria and Libya, find closed frontiers .

Amnesty Belgium issued a petition in favor of migrants, in search of a shelter in Europe ; the link is below :

The UNHCR  has an action in favor of refugees, #WithRefugees. The petition is here:

Show your support and sign the #WithRefugees petition

Yes, in the USA and in Europe, the crisis is global.

Syrians left their country to find a shelter elsewhere and everywhere they are refused.

This policy is contrary to the Refugees Convention, signed by all the lands wich practice this refusal of asylum .Refugeescampaign, UNHCR, February 2017.jpg

This photo is property of the UNHCR.

It is a blatant violation of international laws and human rights.

On Twitter today, the hashtag #FamiliesBelongTogether was important.

It concerns Trump’s policy towards migrants , but we can use it towards Europe , too.

Every refugee , by the Refugees Convention, has the right to a safe haven .

We cannot deny  it to them .

I write this post to raise my voice in  favor of refugees, to affirm their right to asylum, in the USA as in Europe.

The policy towards them is a shame on us.

Yes, in the USA as in Europe, #FamiliesBelongTogether.




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