World Cup: bloody World Cup

All eyes are now focused on the World  Soccer Cup, in Russia, but we must not forget all the human rights violations committed by this country.

Before the beginning, it has been contested , especially by Syrians, because of Putin’s massacres in Syria. Russia genocide, Cup of Shame, Screnshot of @AssadMustGo, March, 29, 2018

The Syrian Network for Human Rights published recently a report , about the World Cup, putting in evidence all the crimes of Russia, the ally of Assad, in Syria. Here is the link :

Click to access The_World_Cup_in_Russia_is_marred_by_the_blood_of_6133_Syrian_civilians_killed_by_Russia_en.pdf

Moreover, Putin repress all opponents in Russia itself .

It has to be contested that the Word Cup of soccer is organized in a country wich violates daily human rights:

To sum up, the participation to the Syrian genocide undertook by Assad; and, secondly, the repression of all opponents inside the land.STOP RUSSIA, Twitter, April, 11, 2018.jpg

Chechnya is especially targeted by the repression, and the sexual minorities.

I write this post against the organization of the World Soccer Cup in a  non-free country.

As I write often for Syria, and is very involved as a supporter of the Syrian Revolution, for me, this Cup is the Cup of Shame.Putin criminal, used as an answer to my post to boycott Soccer Cup in Russia, April, 8, 2018.jpg

It is also for Russian minorities.

There is nothing to add, save a strong condemnation of Putin for his policy.




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