Nabeel Rajab sentenced to 5 years of jail on June, 5th

On June, 5th, Nabeel Rajab has been sentenced to 5 years of jail. His trial, postponed many times, gave as result this unjust judgement.Nabeel_Rajab_Calls for release , Amnesty.jpgNabeel Rajab sentenced to 5 years of prison on June, 5, Twitter, June, 6, 2018.jpg

Some days after, he was granted by Paris as an Honorary Citizen . But this award matters very few, because he is imprisoned.Nabeel Rajab awarded as honorary citizen by Paris, June, 8, 2018jpg.jpg

He is a prisoner of conscience, his only “delict” being using Twitter as a tool of free speech. As a human rights defender in Bahrain, he used Twitter as we all use it.Twitter crime of Nabeel Rajab Cartoon.jpg

But there is absolutely no freedom of speech in Bahrain .

I write this post to speak out for his freedom, as I tweet for him.

I know the public opinion is focused on the World Cup , and the violations of human rights by Russia, but human rights matter worldwide.

The condemnation of Nabeel Rajab for having tweeted is a blatant violation of free expression, and we can’t stay without reaction facing it.

Five years of jail for the use of Twitter is a recall that Bahrain violates human rights daily.Free Nabeel Rajab, May, 25, 2018.jpg

This post will be short . As usual, it is an activism one.

There is no word to add, save FREE NABEEL RAJAB.

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