Save Syrian Children

Most Syrian children grow now in refugees camps, with a precarious life.Syrian children in refugees camp, June, 9,2018

This generation has known only war , since 2011, and they are vulnerable victims of the conflict.

Some artists are involved for them, such as Marc Nelson, who paints them.Marc Nelson Sketch in color of chid in Ghouta, March, 22, 2018.jpg

I write for them today, to raise awareness on their conditions of life.

They have been deprived of a normal childhood, and , in a refugees camp, their life is more precarious .Syrian Kids in refugees camp, June, 9, 2018.jpg

As refugees, they can no more join their relatives in the USA, if they have some, because of Trump’s inhumane policy; he abolished the DACA, wich allowed kids with parents in the USA to ask for asylum.

Now, they are blocked at the US border, or rejected to their homeland, even at war. Syrian Kids in a refugee camp 2, June, 9, 2018jpg

In the case of Syria, this policy is cruel and shameful.

Syrian kids have no perspective , save the ongoing war: it is not a childhood.

You can give them a bit of childhood by giving to the Red Crescent, to the UNHCR, or to Syria Charity.Refugeescampaign, UNHCR, February 2017

As refugees, their lives depend now on you.

If you read this post, please think of them as if they were  YOUR children.



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