Blogging is not a crime: free Raif Badawi!

It is now more than 5 years that Raif Badawi is in jail for having blogged.Free Raif Badawi, June, 5, 2018.jpg

His blog was liberal, for he is open-minded. Some of his demands are now realized in Saudi Arabia, as the right for women to drive a car alone (the famous “Women Drive”).

But he is imprisoned. Saudi Arabia does not recognize free speech, and I write this post to speak out against this imprisonment.Raif Badawi, June, 4, 2018jpg.jpg

I will be short, because free speech is a fundamental human right. Putting Raif Badawi in jail is a blatant violation of human rights.Action for Raif, May, 21, 2018.jpg

There are petitions to sign. Here are the link:

This one is of Amnesty Canada, where his wife moved and created the Raif Badawi Foundation .Raif Badawi, Save the 3, CLuna Screen Shot, April, 2018.jpg

And there is this other one, more general.

If you think, as me, that human rights are worth a signature, and worth to fight for, please sign and share widely on your social networks.

Free Raif Badawi.

He is a prisoner of conscience.

We must fight for his freedom.




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