Syria: they asked for democracy, they obtained genocide

Genocide In Syria, RevolutionSyria on Twitter, March, 4, 2017.jpgThere are more and more evidences that Assad is committing a genocide, and these crimes are unbearable .

However, the Syrian National Coalition met recently the German Special Envoy for Syria,and we can hope that the International Community will recognize this genocide and lead Assad to The Hague.Syrian National Coalition with Nicolai  Herman Special Envoy For Syria, June, 3, 2018jpg.jpg

With all the proofs provided by the Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Violations Documentation Center, Assad can be held accountable for his crimes.Open your eyes to the sufferings of Syria, Genocide in Syria, January,20, 2018.jpg

These are 8 years now that the Revolution began, and it began peacefully. Syrians asked for social justice, freedom, and dignity.

Now, Assad made of it a genocide, with the use of chemical weapons, enforced disappearance, bombing, siege, torture,and all the crimes a dictator can commit.

Click to access 17_people_were_killed_by_torture_in_Syria_in_May_2018_en.pdf

Click to access Satellite_images_prove_that_Russian_attacks_en.pdf

I wrote many posts on Syria, but this one is difficult to write: it includes the deaths and  injuries by all means of civilians, including kids.Syrian injured kid, May, 14, 2018jpg.jpgAir strikes kill 16 kids in Idlib, Syria Direct.jpgSyrian Kid, Syria Awareness Campaign, June, 3d, 2018jpg.jpg

Assad must be held accountable for his crimes at The Hague, for genocide.

There is no more to say: the evidences are here. The trial could begin at every time.

For me, it has begun, and Assad is guilty of genocide.






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