Don’t be a bystander : raise your voice for Syrian children !

As the war is ongoing in Syria, children are amidst the more vulnerable: they are the first victims, because they have no  childhood.Syrian Children, June, 1st, 2018pgSyrian Children, May, 10, 2018.jpg

They only know war, destruction, death, exile, and, sometimes, refugees camps.Syrian children wounded with broken leg, Twitter, February, 17, 2017.jpg

We cannot stay indifferent facing this drama, this humanitarian disaster; they could be OUR children…7 years of war for Syrian Children, May, 12, 2018jpg

So, I write this short post and I raise my voice for Syrian children, to say : enough is enough ! We need to act.

The UNICEF, Syria Charity , the Red Crescent organize collects for kids, to send them books and toys.

This month of  Ramadan, be  solidary with  Syrian kids. Do not forget them .

They are the future of this country , ravaged by Assad , Putin, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Syria needs a future . This future is in its kids . Do not forget them. Raise your voice for them, and, please, give them a bit of childhood.

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