Where are the Children ?

Where are the children , May, 27, 2018, jpg.jpgWhere are the children, since Trump repealed the DACA?March for Stolen Children in the USA, May, 27, 2018

Under the DACA program, refugee children having relatives in the USA could ask for asylum in the USA.

Since Trump repealed the DACA, they are blocked in their homeland, even at war. They are disappeared children, missing ones.

Where are the children of the DACA? Protests were organized in the USA; as I do not live in the USA, I host my own protest here, in this post.

It is a huge political stake in US politics to reestablish the DACA, because these refugees provided to the country their talent.

And it is a huge political stake for refugees, for kids. Think one minute of a kid, alone, in a country at war, who flees it, and who is blocked at the US border: it is inhumane.

Trump is inhumane towards refugees, especially when they come from Muslim countries, such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, and so on.

In New York harbor,Miss Liberty no more welcome “the poor, the tired, the exhausted”.(this picture is property of the daily “The Nation”).Miss Liberty, The Nation, April, 26, 2018.jpg

Trump , by repealing the DACA, is creating a lack: a lack for refugees , who no more have shelter in the USA, a lack of humanity in the USA.

The country was founded on immigration, on generations of migrants. Now, with Trump, this policy is over.

For kids, especially,it is cruel: they are separated from the family they have in the USA.

so, it is why I ask : where are the children?



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