Syria, in an astonishing silence

The Syrian People And the indifference of the World, May, 12, 2018.jpgAssad is continuing his genocide in a perfect indifference: media worldwide are focused on their own problems.

As there are more and more evidences of his crimes, this international indifference is a supplementary obstacle to the political transition.Syria the world is not interested, Twitter, November, 16, 2017.jpg

The Syrian National Coalition calls for this awareness, as Assad is  creating a dispossession of Syrian refugees by his Law 10.

According to this Law, Syrian refugees , when they come back home, have to show a title of property to find again a shelter in their OWN houses.DaraaProperty.DEC_, Daraya Executive Council, May, 1st.jpgSyrian Law Number 10, May, 1st.jpg

Assad, who killed his own people, is now stealing him his property with this Law 10.

This is a serious obstacle to a political transition.

Another one is the problem of the detainees and this of enforced disappearance.Demonstration in Homs  the Detainees cannot be part of the negotiations, December 16, 2017, Syrian National Coalition.jpgFreedom for detainees, Syria.png

There is a petition to sign in favor of the disappeared , if you want to help .Here is the link :

The Syrian Network for Human Rights published reports on enforced disappearance; here is the link of the last one:

Click to access Enforced_to_Disappear_Statement_Firas_Qabalan_en.pdf

Even if Syria is no more in breaking news, don’t be a bystander.

The Syrian people is still enduring Assad’s continued genocide.

Please, if you read this post, act, and share on tour social networks.

Syria needs you.





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