Nabeel Rajab’s trial postponed until June, 5th

Nabeel Rajab  ‘s trial is postponed one more time, until June 5th.

Since his imprisonment, for a tweet, he never had a fair trial.Bahrain sentences Nabeel Rajab to 3 years of jail for tweets

There is neither freedom of expression in Bahrain, nor justice.

I write this short post for him, as I did the other times.Freedom for Nabeel Rajab.png

I want to speak out for justice: tweeting is not a crime.Twitter crime of Nabeel Rajab Cartoon.jpg

Before his imprisonment, Nabeel Rajab was an important human rights activist in his homeland.Nabeel_Rajab_along_with_Abdulhadi_Alkhawaja_at_a_pro-democracy_march-.jpg

Bahrain has shut an important voice for human rights in Bahrain.

I want to be his voice ant tell my indignation facing his treatment.

Free Nabeel Rajab: this will be my conclusion.

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