In photos, the destruction of Yarmuk

First, I want to thank the Syrian photographer those Twitter handle is @firasabdullah.

Thanks to Firas Abdullah, we know  what became this town.

The following photos are his property, and I use them to  raise awareness on the destruction of Yarmuk.

This city, Southern Damascus,  was populated of Syrians, and also of Palestinian refugees.

Now, this is what remains of Yarmuk: Yarmouk Camp, UNRWA, April, 24, 2018.jpg

Yarmouk Camp, May, 21, 2018gTotal destruction of Yarmouk, South Damascus, May, 20, 2018Photo of Yarmouk camp in ruins, May, 21, 2018-.jpg

Yarmouk destroyed by Assad and Israel, May, 21, 2018pg.jpg

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