Free Raif, Save the 3

Action for Raif, May, 21, 2018.jpgI wrote many posts for Raif Badawi, but today, I want to write, too, for other opponents jailed in Saudi Arabia.

As we all know, there is no free speech in this country, and the prisoners known as  “the 3” are prisoners of conscience, absolutely as Raif Badawi.Raif  Badawi, May, 21, 2018jpg.jpgSaudi Arabia, save the 3, Twitter, May, 21, 2018.jpg

They are young, arrested when still teens.

I want to raise my voice, not  only for Raif Badawi, but also for Dawoud Almahroon,  arrested at 17 years old, Abdullah Alzaher , at  15 years old, and Ali Mohammed Al Nimr,  arrested at 17 years.

The fact they are teenagers is not an obstacle in Saudi Arabia to imprison them ; they are jailed since 2014. They can now be executed at every time, and are jailed in solitary confinement.

The reason is the same as for Raif Badawi: despite their youth, they dared speak their mind.

So, I write this very short post to urge the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, to free them, and to free Raif.

Freedom of expression is a human right, and nobody should be jailed for this.

I will sum up : free Raif, free the 3 young opponents jailed  since 2014.



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