Assad to The Hague

Stats of tolls by the SNHR, May, 20, 2018jpg.jpgThere are more and more evidences of crimes against humanity and violations of all international laws by Assad, and the Syrian National Coalition stresses that there is an absolute necessity to hold Assad accountable for his acts at the ICC.

So, I write this to raise awareness on these crimes committed by Assad.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights gives today its last stats on tolls : it is evident that Assad committed  a genocide against his own people.

The second proof is the repeated shelling by chemical weapons, wich destroyed many towns. A good example is given by Yarmuk, Southern Damascus: it is in ruins after having bombed by chemicals.Total destruction of Yarmouk, South Damascus, May, 20, 2018 .jpg

These types of weapons are found now in many cities.The population mourns his relatives.Chemical Weapon in Douma, Syrian National Coalition, May, 13, 2018_XL.jpgChildren Of Douma victims of chemicals, Syria Charity on Twitter, April, 8, 2018Chlorine In Saraqeb, Syria, The Syrian Observer, May, 20, 2018jpg

The Syrian National Coalition wants to see at the trial of Assad in The Hague the question of the detainees  and that of the disappeared. The Syrian Network for Human Rights published recently a report on a case of enforced disappearance.The link is below:

Click to access Enforced_to_Disappear_Statement_Firas_Qabalan_en.pdf

In this very case, the citizen disappeared in 2013, and there are  no more news of him since this date.

The question of the detainees is linked to this of Assad’s prisons, such as Sadnaya, wich is now known as a concentration camp, with gas ovens.Sadnaya, Gas Ovens, SAC,May, 17, 2017.pngSadnaya, Gas Ovens, 2, , SAC, May, 17, 2017.png

With such evidences of employ of prohibited weapons, enforced disappearance, use of torture, and of concentration camps, shelling and starvation of his own population, Assad must be hold accountable in The Hague.Civilians hijacked and arrested by the PYD militias, Syrian National Coalition, May, 20, 2018.jpg

The Syrian National Coalition calls the international community to support this . The Syrian Network for Human Rights provides the proofs.

Now, it is up to the international community to support the Syrian National Coalition, interim government of the Revolution.Syrian National Coalition, May, 20, 2018.jpg

Until now, the international community sent a Special Envoy in Syria, Stefan De Mistura, and voted Resolutions at the United Nations.

But this is without effect ; the Syrian people wants what they claimed for in 2011:  social justice, dignity, and equality.

They still claim for it after seven years of a genocide.





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