Syrian refugees : you are not forgotten

In the midst of the turmoil in Gaza, Syrian refugees seem forgotten: they are not.

I write this post because on Twitter, the Syria Campaign posted : “if someone read my post”. I read their posts and am subscribed to their emails.

The situation following the bombing of Idlid, of Homs, of Ghouta, and of rural Damascus obliged many people to leave their home , and live as refugees.Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, May, 17, 2018jpg.jpg

The life in camps is precarious and some border countries, such as Lebanon or Jordan, do not give refugees the same status as their citizens. The  Human Rights Watch report on refugees in Jordan is clear on this point . The link is below:

Click to access jordan0418_web.pdf

Syrian refugee kids  in Jordan do not have the same education as Jordan ones.Syrian Refugees in Jordan, May, 14, 2018

In Lebanon, refugees  live in camps without schools for kids, and after having left their whole life in Syria.The first photo is a camp in Lebanon.

Those who try to go to Western countries are blocked at the borders ; in the USA, by Trump ‘s immigration reform, wich closes the US territory to Muslims from Syria, Iran, Iraq, and so on; to sum up, to all the refugees fleeing their homeland by security reasons. Trump does not care if they die in their homeland .Syrian Refugees Camp, 2, May, 17, 2018jpg.jpg

The end of the DACA program, wich allowed children to be reunited with parents on the US soil , is a disaster for Syrian refugees, who gave their talents to the USA, and found a shelter.

In Europe, some far right-wing people block the frontier in the mountains, in the Alps, for instance, condemning refugees to die of cold.

Some refugees try to come back to their city, but in the midst of ruins, they struggle  to  build a new life.

On twitter, the hashtag #IdlibLives was revelatory of this. Idlib has been bombed months and months by Assad and Putin, but the population struggles to give the ruined town a new life.Syrian families on the return to the East Idlib, Syria Direct, March, 7, 2018




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