“Nakba” in East Jerusalem yesterday

Following Trump’s decision to move the US embassy in East Jerusalem, Palestinian demonstrators were numerous.Deadly Israeli violences in Palestine on May, 14, Twitter, May, 15, 2018pg.jpg

In effect, East Jerusalem is a part of the city they claim for, and from wich they are expelled by Israel.

It is the consequence of the “Nakba” in 1948, the creation of Israel on the Palestinian land .

Yesterday was another “Nakba” (disaster, in Arabic), by the number of tolls and injured .

As we all know, Israeli police and soldiers  shoot on protesters , and yesterday was deadly.Emergency Protest for Palestine, May, 15, 2018pg.jpg

After Palestinian sources,no Israeli soldier was shot, but hundred of Palestinians protesters were, including a baby…No Israeli soldier wounded, The New Arab, May, 15, 2018.jpg

Today was a day of demonstration  against this repression, an action called “emergency protest for  Gaza”.Emergengy protest Stop the killing in Gaza, May, 15, 2018.jpg

Events and protests were hosted in numerous cities, even in the USA, where Trump’s policy is not approved on this point, especially in the Muslim community.

I host my own one here, in my blog, to say my indignation facing the Israeli repression, and my opposition to Trump’s decision.

For me, Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine.

Demonstrators were right, and the right to freely protest is a human right.

By shooting on protesters, Israel violated a human right.

By denying the right to travel freely on the territory, it violates another one: this violation is symbolized by the fence of the Gaza Strip.

To the “Nakba”of 1948 echoes this of yesterday.


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