Evidences of chemical attacks in Douma

According to a report of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, there are evidences of chemical attacks in the city of Douma.

http://sn4hr.org/wp-content/pdf/english/Additional_Evidences_and_Investigations_Prove_that_the_Syrian_Regime_en.pdfChemical Weapon in Douma, Syrian National Coalition, May, 13, 2018_XL.jpgChemicals in Douma, May, 9, 2018.jpg

The Syrian National Coalition relay it to the international community, but this  late remains dumb and mute on the issue.(The first photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition).

More effort is needed from the countries of the United Nations , on the ground . Yet, the United Nations published stats on chemicals in Syria, but it is without consequence in the  daily reality .UN Syria_ChemicalWeapons, May, 3rd, 2018.jpg

Inhabitants of bombed towns have, yet, demonstrated, such as in Khan Sheikhoun , on April, 4, after being shelled by chemicals.Khan SheiKhoun Residents demonstrate on April, 4, after chemical attack, May, 13, 2018.jpg

But there is no impact at an international level.

So, the  Syrian National  Coalition stresses on this report towards the United Nations and the Arab League to obtain a result.The stake is to send Assad to the ICC for crimes against humanity, and the use of prohibited weapons is a good argument.Suspected Chemical Attack on Douma, VDC, April, 9, 2018.jpg

After Sadnaya, and the discovery of gas ovens in the prison, after all the reports on enforced disappearance , the break of the Convention on Chemical Weapons is another argument , leading Assad to The Hague.

On Twitter, the hashtag  #ChemicalAssad was viral  a while. It is no more ; but chemicals are discovered  daily in the ruins of bombed towns. Assad Chemicals 2.jpg

The international community had an interest on the issue , but now that there are more and more evidences, only Syrian Rights Groups, such as the Syrian Network for Human Rights , and  the interim  government have an  interest in it : they try to raise awareness at an international level, but it is difficult.Child victim of Chemical in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, April, 8, 2018

In fact, the International Community is focused on its own problems, wich are the returnees of ISIS, and the terrorist attacks in their territory.

So, they forgot Syria.

As the Arab League, it is focused on the Palestinian / Israeli problem, and the consequence is the same for Syria.

They have never been so many  evidences of the accountability of Assad, and the interim  Syrian government is alone with them.

Yet, all the proofs to send Assad to The Hague are here.Boy victim of a chemical attack in Douma, Free Media Hub, April, 9, 2018.jpgChemical Attack on Douma, Syrians obliged to flee, Syria Direct, April, 9, 2018.png




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