Syrian Children : 7 years of a genocide

7 years of war for Syrian Children, May, 12, 2018jpg.jpgSince 2011, schools are systematically bombed, despite international laws, and Syrian children dream to attend school.

The Safe School Declaration has been signed recently by some countries, but , in the  facts, Syrian kids have their only education at home. If they are lucky enough to have educated parents (or mother, in many cases), this is not a problem, but in the reality, their family is dismantled by the war : often , the father killed or disappeared, and the mother , unfit to be a teacher for her children.

We must add the fact of  forced displacement : many kids live in refugees camps, and have no support to learn.The UNICEF and the Red Crescent try to send furnitures in camps, but the precariousness is a real problem. Syrian Kids in Refugee Camp, May, 12, 2018.jpgSyrian kids, May, 10, 2018jpg

The case of Bana Alabed , who survived with  fantasy novels, is an exception.

On Twitter, the hashtag #notatarget was applicable to schools as to hospitals, at a time when Assad and Putin bombed all necessities in shelled  towns.Air strikes kill 16 kids in Idlib, Syria Direct.jpg

In some cases, photos tell more than words :Syrian children, Twitter account of Bana Alabed, April, 8, 2018 this is the case of Syrian children during these seven years of the Syrian genocide.

Their family of the White Helmets attempt to make them live a childhood.Syrian Kids , May, 12, 2018

Moreover, the White Helmets are worldwide known for having saved children such as Omran, in 2016: Omran rescued from a Russian Airstrike, August, 18, 2016, The Syria Campaign.png

As rescuers, they educate the children: The White Helmets educating children to shelling, February, 11, 2018.jpg

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