Israel strikes again Syria on Golan Heights

Today, Israel stroke again Syria on Golan Heights, targeting Iranian positions.

Maps show with precision the Israeli strikes.Israel striles in Syria Map, May, 10, 2018.jpg

But the Israeli  strikes on Golan Heights are a bad reminder for Syrians, who lost this part of this territory in the Kippour War; a part is under control of the UN, but Golan Heights remain a  strategic stake for Syria.

Today, the fights were intense between the Israeli forces and the FSA, and the FSA won the battle on a great part.

The stake is high: it is to expel Iran from Syria.Iran is a supporter of Assad, such as Putin.Israeli Strikes against Iran in Syria, May, 10, 2018

But it remains the goal of Syrians to expel Iran and Russia by their own means. The Israeli intervention recall them events from 1973.Golan Heights, Al Araby, May, 10, 2018jpg

On Twitter this morning, supporters of the Syrian Revolution, whom I am part of , tweeted against the Israeli Occupation.70 Years of Nakba, May, 10, 2018.jpgNo hiding the Occupation, Haaretz and HRW, Twitter, May, 10, 2018.jpg

It was justified , moreover, by the fact that Israel refused the entry on its soil to the director of Human Rights Watch.

The refusal to document abuses and violations of human rights to the prestigious NGO, at the same time than the strikes in Syria, made scandal; for  me, in effect, it is a flagrant violation of human rights, at a time when Palestinians are jailed for their protests.

Israel is conducing in Syria the same strategy than in the 70th, but now , even if the targets are Iranians, it is a vexation for Syrians and the FSA.

Syrians want to expel Iran and Russia by their own military means, wich is the FSA, and lead Assad to the ICC.

The Israeli intervention on Golan Heights has nothing to do with these  goals.

It traduce only the will of Israel to expand its power in the region, and to profit of the situation in Syria for it.

It is pure interventionism , typically Israeli.Israeli flag, May, 10, 2018.jpg

Let  Syrians themselves expel their invaders and free their country: it is their will.








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