Gaza under tear gas

Gaza under tear gas, May, 5, 2018.jpgThe Great Return March Movement is going on, and the Israeli police is  shooting tear gas on protesters in the Gaza Strip.

The fact they shot with real balls made scandals, such as the imprisonment  of Ahed Tamimi.

Now, Ahed Tamimi, the young opponent, who dared slap in the face an Israeli policeman, and is jailed for this, is the Honor Head of the Palestinian Council.Ahed Tamimi, May, 5, 2018.jpg

She is an iconic figure of the resistance in the Gaza Strip.

But the Israeli government stays strong on its position against Palestinian demonstrators, particularly those of the Gaza Strip.

The Great Return March Movement began on March, 30th, and is growing with the repression of Israel .Great Return March 2018, April, 24,2018

Two camps are now  facing one another, with hostility. The relationship were never easy The 4 Palestinians killed in the Great March Return , April, 29, 2018between Palestinians and Israel , but Trump’s decision to make of Jerusalem the capital of Israel gave more force to the Palestinian opposition.

The two mottos “Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine ” , for Palestinians and Muslims, and “Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel” for Trump and Israeli are the symbol of this face to face opposition.

The fence wich separates Gaza from the rest of the world is unbearable to Palestinians and their supporters, whom I am part of.

On Twitter, today the hashtags #SaveGaza and #FreeGaza were of importance . Old photos were published: I say “old” because some are dated of 2014, before the actual situation ; this is the case of the photo below: Save Gaza, photo taken on April, 30th, 2014, Twitter, May, 5, 2018j,pg.jpg

Trump and Netanyahu are two “Nakba” for Palestine ,  by their opposition to dialogue.

In Israel, and in the Gaza Strip, every protest is repressed with force, today with tear gas, and protesters are fined and jailed.

This is contrary to the right to  free expression. Israel does not respect it. In most reports on freedom of expression, Israel is denounced for its attitude towards the Palestinian opposition.







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