#Save Shawkan

Sky for Shawkan, May, 2nd, 2018.jpgSave Shawkan, trial postponed until April 17 ,April, 15,2018.jpgFree Shawkan, Twitter Screen shot, April, 21, 2018.jpgWork by Shawkan , jailed nearly 5 years, and who received the 2018 price of UNESCO for his work, May, 1st.jpg

Shawkan, the Egyptian photographer, now jailed since more than 5 years, is sentenced to death.

Despite his price for freedom of speech, the Egyptian authorities do not care, and he is sentenced to be hung .

I write this post , as I have written the others, to show that he must be freed  without condition. He never had a fair trial , and is accused of a crime he has not committed.

In effect, all his photos are pure art, and the accusation of spying is not founded .Photo By Shawkan, April, 21, 2018.jpg

He is a prisoner of conscience, and we must speak out for his liberation.Photo By Shawkan, February, 27, 2017.jpg

On Twitter, the hashtags #SaveShawkan and #FreeShawkan were of importance today.

It matters to  take  a stand in favor of Shawkan, on social networks, or by signing petitions . There is one on the site of Amnesty: the link is below:


I will share  some of his photos to show his work, in solidarity.

The  fourth  photo is one by Shawkan, as these inserted in the text.




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