Syrian political transition belongs to Syrians, stresses the Syrian Opposition

Syria Revolution And Assad War 2011-2017, March, 10, 2017.jpg#Assadcrimes, May, 15, 2017.jpg#Against Sochi  Assad embraces Putin.pngThe Geneva Talks beings a failure, and Brussels Conferences (I and II )   the same, because of the lack of involvement of the International Community, the Syrian Opposition stresses that the political transition will be made by Syrians themselves,  according to the UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

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Yet, as I write these few lines to support the Syrian Opposition, Assad is still shelling Rural Hama, and the population fleeing the town.

Reporters are killed at worked, such as Syrian refugees in Lebanon.Syrian photographer killed by the Assad regime while doing his job, April, 16,2018

This photo is property of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

One of the pillars of the Res 2254 was a true ceasefire, to realize  a civil society , what  Syrians are asking for since 2011.

This ceasefire is not yet , and the UE did nothing to obtain it.

The photo of the bombing in Rural Hama is just the same as in February: what changed for Syrian Civil Society? Nothing.Assad Shelling in rural Hama, Syrian National Coalition, April, 28, 2018.jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition .

Moreover, the problem of the disappeared , those jailed and tortured in  Assad’s prisons, must be put on the table of negotiations; it matters .But , alas, not for the International Community.

When Human Rights Watch published the photos of the Caesar Report, people were shocked : but now, they forgot them.

The detainees of the Sadnaya Prison matter, even dead: they are a proof of Assad’s genocide .Sadnaya gas ovens, Twitter, May, 23, 2017.jpgSadnaya, Gas Ovens, 2, , SAC, May, 17, 2017

Sadnaya, Gas Ovens, SAC,May, 17, 2017

Relating to photos, we must recall that Syrian war reporters do their job at the risk of their life: the National Syrian Coalition stresses on this point, as the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

In fact, by the ongoing  war , all civilians are at risk : the National Syrian Coalition published  a report on a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, killed at work: he was driving a car for a kindergarten, while shot by the Lebanese police.Abdul Jawad  killed in Lebanon, Syrian National Coalition, April, 28, 2018.jpg

Lebanon and the Arab countries are no more involved in the maintaining of peace in Syria, according to the R2P (Responsibility to Protect).

With Western Countries inefficient and Arab partners which are no more partners, de facto,the Syrian Opposition is right: the political transition will be made by Syrians only.

In 2011, on March, 15, the Syrian people claimed for social justice and the end of the Baath dictatorship.

7 years later , all peace process have failed.6 years of Revolution in Syria, March, 15, 2017, HRW, photo of Aleppo.png

It is time for Syrians to realize what they  asked for seven years ago.

The whole civil society , including women, is calling for this political transition.

This role of women, is something that Western countries do not understand, with their prejudices on the role of women in the Arab Societies.

But women were in all the  protests , on Friday. They are of importance, by they role in education: in the actual situation, Syrian kids are a lost generation, because of the bombing of schools.They have leadership: in Iran, Maryam Rajavi is the leader of the Opposition. In a society where many men were killed at war, they can be an essential pillar of the political transition: this, according to the Security Council Resolution 1325 , on the role of women in zones of conflicts.

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I write this post to stress, myself, that this political transition belongs to the Syrian Civil Society, and nobody else.





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