NO to Trump’s Muslim Ban

No Muslim Ban Protest, April, 26, 2018.jpgNo Muslim Ban for ever, The Dayli Beast, April, 26, 2018.jpg

Protests are taking place in the USA against Trump’s Muslim Ban, wich is a disastrous measure. (the photo is property of “The Dayli Beast”).

First, it is unlawful: in effect, it violates the 1st Amendment.

Second, it is a discrimination.

Third, it  is contrary to the principles of the asylum right. The countries concerned by  the Muslim Ban are, if we read the text, Syria, Jordan, Yemen: in fact, lands of the Middle-East, where people can be asylum seekers in the USA.

Of course, in these countries, people are Muslim, and Trump is playing the motto of the  safety of the territory: in clear, the same “War on Terror” than Former President Bush in 2001 after 9/11.

In the heart of New York harbor, Miss Liberty no more welcome”the poor, the exhausted…”. Trump has put it in chains.Miss Liberty, The Nation, April, 26, 2018.jpg

This picture is property of “The Nation”.

Liberty in NYC with chains , Amnesty USA, cartoon against Trump, January, 8, 2017.png

The problem of the asylum seekers of the Middle-East is a huge consequence of the “Muslim Ban”: these  populations flee dictatorships, and borders are closed to them exclusively in the name of their religion. They can die in their homeland, Trump does not care.

As for American Muslims, their are discriminations at schools, as there were in the 60th with Black people before the  Civil Rights Movement.

Should we be obliged to do the same activism in the beginning of the 21st Century, with Muslims?

Should we be obliged to conquer Civil Rights for Muslims, to reverse the Muslim Ban?

People are demonstrating, and invitations to host or join a protest are numerous.

I was  invited to join or host a protest.But I don’t live in the USA.

I live  in France. This is my protest.

No Muslim Ban, People Power Twitter Account, April, 26, 2018.jpg

I  host it on my website. I will share it on the site of People Power.

I am Muslim myself, and I live in a democracy.

Let’s be clear: in my homeland, Muslims are not well seen, because of the past of my country. Arabs are bad treated, because of the Algeria War (1954-1962) .It left sequels in collective memory, such as the Vietnam War in the USA.

But there is no ban on religion. There is no Muslim Ban.

Trump’s Muslim Ban is unlawful, ,and it is contrary to human rights.

Trump promised to “Make America Great Again”. By  measures like the Muslim Ban, it makes it little in human rights.

So, I say definitely NO to his Muslim Ban.

All Men are equal, and all religions protected by the 1st Amendment.

The Muslim Ban clearly means:

All Men are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Remember something?








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