Save Ahmadreza

Save Ahmadreza, April, 25, 2018.jpgAhmadreza Jalali is sentenced to death by Iranian authorities, and human rights experts wrote to the Regime to express their indignation, and claim for his freedom.

In effect, he is now jailed since two years, and his health is deteriorating.Save Ahmadreza, urgent action, April, 25, 2018.jpg

Moreover, he is only a Universitarian, and has committed no crimes.

The letter can be consulted on the site of the Iranian Opposition, and of the UN,  which  ask for his liberation.

On Twitter, this morning, the hashtag #SaveAhmadreza was viral, and I tweeted myself for him.

This post is an activism one, a complement to the Twitter Campaign in favor of him.

I will be short: Save Ahmadreza  because he is only  a scholar and has committed no crime.

According to this, he is a prisoner of conscience, as there are many in Iran.

Furthermore, Iran is one of the countries which  sentences  the most to the death penalty.Death penalty in Iran.jpg

No death penalty for a scholar, those crime is only an open-minded thought , different of this of the Mullahs Regime.

Save Ahmadreza because he is innocent.

Free Ahmadreza because he is innocent.


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