Save the Yarmouk Camp


Palestinians trapped in Yarmouk Camp, April, 24, 2018.jpgAs the battle for Damascus is an important stake for the Syrian Revolution, many Palestinians are “trapped” in the Yarmuk Camp, close to  Damascus.Yarmouk Camp, UNRWA, April, 24, 2018.jpg

It is worth to recall that Syrians, too, live in it, according to the data of the UNRWA.

Click to access htr_and_besieged_are_as_of_feb_2018.pdf

But now, Assad is leading in the Capital of Syria a battle to re – conquer  it  from the FSA.Battle_of_Damascus_map., April, 24, 2018Damascus, 15 Mars 2018, April, 23, 2018.jpg

Assad is, in effect, governing in Damascus, and the victory of the FSA is a serious reverse for him.

After having  besieged the Governorate, especially Northern  Ghouta, Damascus is  presented by the Assad Regime as the definitive battle.

Meanwhile, Syrians lack of everything, and reporters are killed doing their job.The Syrian Network for Human Rights provides us a reliable and fresh information on it.

Click to access The_citizen_Ahmad_Abdullah_Tanbouk_killed_by_Syrian_regime_forces_en.pdf

Photo-reporters do their job at the risk of their life.Syrian photographer killed by the Assad regime while doing his job, April, 16,2018.jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

So, the photos of the Yarmuk Camp  are of importance.

On Twitter, this morning, the hashtag #SaveTheYarmoukCamp was viral.

I relay it in this post, because , according to the UNRWA, the Yarmuk Camp is an important stake for both Palestinians and Syrians.

It is a Refugees Camp,overcrowded, and which survives only by the funds of the UNRWA. Now, we understand better how such a disaster was  Trump ‘s decision to stop funding UNRWA.

Palestinians are surviving in a refugees camp , close to a battle field: is it a life?

Syrians are living under Assad’s shelling; it this a life?

Thanks to the FSA, Damascus belong to the Revolution.

But now, Assad is making of Damascus , and of Yarmuk, a hell, to save what remains of his “sovereignty”.

Concerning this last, I want to see him at the ICC.

Save the Yarmuk Camp.

Assad to the ICC for his crimes.



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