French dailies : Manufacturing Consent

Flag_of_Syria_2011,_observed.svg.pngSyrian Children , Eastern Ghouta, March, 24, 2018.jpgAs I had a look on breaking news on French papers, they were all focused on IS and , moreover, they emitted doubts about the enquiry on chemicals in Ghouta and Douma.

As  a French citizen and blogger, I am ashamed of it.

Meanwhile, Damascus inhabitants are seeking to leave the town, because, precisely, of these attacks.Damascus, 15 Mars 2018, April, 23, 2018.jpg

This photo is property of the Tharwa Foundation.

Putin and Assad paved the way to a battle in Damascus, the Capital, and my co-citizens ignore it.

In fact, are they concerned by it? I really don’t know.

Syrian kids, who lives these bombings by Assad and Putin , feel themselves as “invisible”Child of Syria, April, 23, 2018.jpg.

Thanks to Marc Nelson, who paint them regularly, they are not.Marc Nelson Sketch in color of chid in Ghouta, March, 22, 2018

And, myself, I write these few lines to be their voice.

My first  intention was to name this post “Save Syrian Children”.

But I feel so ashamed  by these news given by the dailies of my homeland that I write this, generally, to support the Syrian Revolution.

I want to  speak  out and say that my co- citizens read propaganda, and are not informed of the reality of Syria.

Since months and months , Ghouta and Douma are under attack; Ghouta have been besieged since 2013.

The  Islamic State is not all. Syrian kids are more important, and I am proud that the White Helmets gave them a bit of distraction , in the midst of war.

How many of my co-citizens know the Free Syrian Flag? It is the first photo.

Thanks to organizations such as the UNICEF, these kids live with   a little of dignity   in the middle of the ruins.

Lebanon recently restricted  its right to asylum to Syrians. We are aware of  this fact thanks to a Human Rights Watch Report. Passport, extended for Syrians, HRW, April, 20, 2018.jpg

Until now, Lebanon was a shelter to Syrians; now, it is no more.

Even if, in the West, there are sometimes terrorist attacks by returnees of the IS, we cannot be focused only on this fact.

These “invisible”, Syrian children, live in a country where schools were bombed, and in towns bombed by the alliance Assad/Putin/ Rouhani.

Can we ignore this?

If it were OUR children, we  would create a scandal!

So, I raise my voice for Syrian kids, and to support the Syrian Revolution, which resisted to Assad , the bloody lion .

If  one of my co-citizen read this post, in fact, he will learn that there were TRULY chemicals in Syria, launched by Russia airplanes; that kids live amidst the war, without schools.Children Of Douma victims of chemicals, Syria Charity on Twitter, April, 8, 2018.jpgCivilians leaving Eastern Ghouta, Syria Direct.jpgChemical Attack on Douma, Syrians obliged to flee, Syria Direct, April, 9, 2018

French President Macron signed the Safe Schools Declaration, which forbids to bomb schools; the UK  signed, too.

Now, the battle is for Damascus, the Capital.

I hope it will not be A Road to Damascus, as in the Scriptures.









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