Saudi Arabia: the two -sides country

#Free Raif Badawi Citizen Blog.jpgSaudi Arabia is endorsed by the West for its progress in women’s rights (the success of the “Women Drive Movement”) , and for its wealth in oil.

Moreover, for Muslims, it is the country of Mecca.

But the success of the Women Drive is not everything.

Saudi Arabia is leading a war on Yemen, and is jailing its opponents: the more famous is Raif Badawi.

Despite petitions, Raif Badawi is still jailed.Raif Badawi, April, 21, 2018.jpg

Vigils regularly take place, especially in the UK ,  in the USA, and in Canada, where his wife moved and founded the “Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom in the Arab World”.Vigil for Raif Badawi, April, 21, 2018.png

Protest for Raif Badawi, April, 21, 2018.jpg

Others demonstrations denounce the War on Yemen.Protest in front of Saudi embassy in London, January,13,2017.jpg

But both of these protests  remain without success.

I, who write these few lines, have signed all the petitions for the release of Raif Badawi. Many are closed , because they reached their goal. But King Salman Stay strong on his position.

I have signed, also, these against the trade of weapons to Saudi Arabia, because, with these weapons, Prince Salman bombs Yemen. Here is one:

However, I am Muslim, and the pilgrimage to Mecca is important for me.

But what about a kingdom which does not respect free speech, and jails a blogger, only for a liberal  reading of the Qur’an?

I want to speak out for Raif Badawi.

I had yet,  in previous posts. Blogging is not a crime. A liberal reading of the Qur’an is not, too, even if King Salman things so.

There are  no vigils in my town, so this is my vigil for Raif Badawi.

I want to speak out, too, against the War to Yemen. Yemen, one of the poorest countries, is bombed by one of the wealthier.Yemen War.jpg

Now, there is an epidemic of cholera in Yemen, even if the opinion ignores it.-Yemen_Cholera Malnutrition_2017Aug24_OCHR

I write these lines as a protest to say :

Saudi Arabia, FREE RAIF BADAWI NOW.Raif Badawi, Save the 3, CLuna Screen Shot, April, 2018.jpg


Yemen, HRW scrrenshot on Twitter, August, 29, 2017.jpg

I am a  woman, and the success of the “women’s drive” is also my success, but  this is not enough.

Women drive in a wealthy country, and, meanwhile, opponents are jailed, and Yemeni bombed and starved : I can’t bear that.

Yes, Saudi Arabia has two sides, and the public opinion sees only one.

I want to raise awareness on the other side: the side of jailed opponent and bombed Yemen..

I take a  stand to say: FREE RAIF BADAWI NOW.Free Raif Badawi


Yemen War January ,10, 2017

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