Assad to the ICC

The Syrian Network for Human Rights and other Syrian NGO urge the UE to investigate Assad’s crimes ,  and help send him to the ICC.

Click to access The_EU’s_Role_In_Achieving_Justice_in_Syria_en.pdf

ICC panelists are gathering on the Assad’s files, which are numerous.Panelists at the ICC , April, 20, 2018

After the Caesar Report,

revealed by Human Rights Watch, under the title If The Dead Could Speak,

and all the stats provided in 7 years by the Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Violations Documentation Center, we have to send Assad to the ICC.

CPI, ICC, by HRW, November, 18, 2016.png

He now can be judged, even if the 11 vetoes of Putin protected him  for a while.

Justice must be done.

Marc  Nelson made a sketch after the Caesar Report : the recent bombings in Ghouta, Douma, and rural Damascus remind us these events.Sketch by Marc Nelson after Caesar photos, Twitter, April,20 2018.jpg

I share it in this post, because I know he has the same goal.

These bombings are recent, but the use of chemicals, prohibited weapons , must be added to the condemnation of Assad, to his crimes.Chemical Attack on Douma, Syrians obliged to flee, Syria Direct, April, 9, 2018.png

A trial for genocide can be open, and I write these lines to raise awareness on the necessity of this  judgement.

EU must pressure , at Brussels, to investigate these files, so that the trial take place.

I will be short . I share the concern of many Syrians and many supporters of the Syrian Revolution, , whom I am part.: Assad must be judjed at the Hague.

So, this is my conclusion: Assad to the ICC for the genocide he is accountable for.

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