Saudi Arabia: Free Raif NOW

As we all know, Raif Badawi is sentenced to jail and lashes only for having created a liberal blog.Free Raif, Twitter, April, 18, 2018

On Twitter, the hashtag #FreeRaif is going viral.

So, I write this post to support Raif Badawi.I have written others.

But I take a stand for Raif Badawi, and a free Islam in Saudi Arabia, the country of Mecca.

I, this morning, have tweeted in favor of Raif Badawi, but I urge the Saudi authorities to free him NOW.Raif Badawi, a writer at risk, Twitter, April, 15, 2018.jpg

He is a prisoner of conscience, and free speech is a human right.

Even if it is not in Saudi Arabia, I urge King Salman to free Raif Badawi without condition : blogging is not a crime.

Furthermore, free speech and open-minded reading  of the Qur’an  are authorized in it, by the verse “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”.#Free Raif.jpg

I will be short: FREE RAIF BADAWI NOW.

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