On April, 17th, I stand for Palestine

Palestine Day, April, 17, 2018.jpgSan Francisco  rally to support Gaza protesters, April, 17, 2018.jpgApril 17th is Palestine Day, and a day to support Palestinian prisoners and activists in the Gaza Strip.

Demonstrations took place worldwide, and especially in the USA. In this very country, it is also a protest against  Trump’s decision to make of Jerusalem the Capital of Israel.

Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine, April, 17, 2018.jpg

According on a poll on Twitter today, 86°/° of voters made of Jerusalem the Capital of Palestine, ans supported this land.

On the  ground, the Israeli Defense Minister is  inflicting hard sanctions to Palestinians, even under 18 .

Ahed Tamimi is now the iconic figure of the Palestinian Resistance.Ahed Tamimi, March, 28, 2018.jpg

But she is not alone: to fines, are often added prison;  so, as a protest against this unjust policy,  April, 17th has been decided as a day of protest against Israel and support to Palestine.

As I write these few lines, I do it  to take a stand for Palestine, and for the Gaza Strip.

Don’t forget that this part of Palestine is an overcrowded one, without help , save this of the UNRWA. In this part of the territory, many basics lack, such as electricity, medicines, and the populations live in behind bars.Urgent need to Gaza hospitals, April, 14, 2018.jpg

I affirm strongly that Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine. As a Muslim, it is in this city that the Al Qods Mosque, a holy place for Muslims, is situated.

I can’t bear the ill-treatment of political prisoners, who are   prisoners of conscience. They only affirmed their right to their homeland, stolen in 1948.

Israeli Settlements have expelled a large part of Palestinians of their land, and now, Israel has made of the situation a perpetual conflict: the 6 Days War, the War of Kippour, and so on …

Trump definitively killed the Oslo Agreements by his declaration on Jerusalem; now , by his policy, the last Israel /Palestine  relationship is the Operation Cast Lead, a state of War…

As we all know Trump is a nut, unfit to be President, and that he ignores everything of the stakes of the Middle-East, it is not a surprise: but it is a BAD surprise!Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, Twitter, January, 4,2018.jpg

So, I take a stand for Palestine: JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITAL OF PALESTINE.

FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS.Free Ahed Tamimi and all Palestinians, March, 25, 2018


I will not add a word.


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