Stop the War in Syria


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According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the international strikes to destroy the chemical weapons of Assad are of no useful consequences.

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Syrian Regime use of Chemical weapons, SNHR, August, 15, 2017

In effect,Western leaders don’t think at all to topple Assad, wich is the real purpose of the Syrian Revolution since its beginning in 2011.Syrian Revolution since 2011, screenshot of Iran Arab Spring on Twitter, December, 31,2016

As long as Assad is in power, with his accomplices, Putin and Rouhani, the Revolution continues.#The Revolution Continues, Syrian National Coalition, March, 23, 2018.jpgThe Revolution Continues, October, 29, 2017.jpg

The first photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

But beware: Trump, according to former director of the FBI, Comey, is thinking of a WWIII. As we all know he is perfectly unfit to be President, the procedure of Impeachment is absolutely necessary in these very circumstances.Former FBI President Comey with Trump ,National Public Radio, Inc. US, April, 14, 2018.jpg

Syrian reporters and activists are tweeting more and more #AssadMustGo, #AssadChemicals, and so on .

All supporters of peace in the Middle-East, and supporters of the Syrian Revolution, whom I am part of , must stand against the bombings of Syria, and for the Impeachment of Trump .

Both are coming together.Trump about Impeachment, Photo Screenshot NBC, given in Think Progress,.jpg

What was the reason of the international strikes in Syria? To destroy the chemical weapons of Assad; now they are. But Assad has others weapons: one, propaganda, by the official media SANAA, the only authorized . Other organizations use the web, as a tool of international information.The propaganda is a good tool, because Western leaders still believe in him!

Reporters and photographers do their job at the risk of their life.Syrian photographer killed by the Assad regime while doing his job, April, 16,2018.jpg

The second one isĀ  the Russian ally , Putin: he has vetoed all the decisions of the UN, so Assad cannot be sent at the ICC,the real fate he deserves for the crime of genocide. Putin has a powerful weaponry, wich is not destroyed, and is a master in propaganda: Assad has in him a very good ally.

Rouhani, a dictator in Iran, sees in Syria a good influence.

Stopping the war in Syria should be a mean to give more power to the Iranian protests against the Mullahs Regime, a religious dictatorship.Human Rights defenders in Hunger strike in Iran , CLUna27 Twitter account, April, 7, 2018.jpg

This photo is an Iranian opponent in hunger strike, property of CLuna blog.

In March, 15th, 2011, the Syrian people claimed for democracy and social justice; in 2018, we are still attending his genocide and the world is watching.

Syria was a topic of interest in breaking news at the times of the strikes. Now, it is no more.

Tomorrow, another breaking news will be in the headers of the dailies.

But the situation in Syria is the same; it is worse: after the strikes, some populations were obliged to move to other cities, because their were bombed. This is confirmed by the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Children starving, the elder without medicines, civilians in a perpetual war (SEVEN years!), and this nut of Trump preparing his own weapons.

Time to stop.

Stop bombing Syria.

Support the Syrian Revolution.


Syrian Revolution.jpg



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