Call to free Ahmed Mansoor

Ahmed Mansour.jpgDespite open letters from human rights organizations and known NGO,such as Amnesty or Human Rights Watch,  Ahmed Mansoor is still jailed.Human Rights Watch about Ahmed Mansour, March, 28, 2017.jpg


Should I recall that he is only a lawyer, and a human rights activist in his homeland?

Clearly, he has committed no crime and is a prisoner of conscience. This post is an activism one, for people who should have forgotten his existence and fate.

Being jailed since more than six months whereas he is innocent is a flagrant violation of human rights.

The internet site wich keeps us updated on him is the Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR): the last update is dated of April, 12, 2018. According to it, there is no perspective of a fair trial or  a liberation:

There was a call to act in favor of him on Twitter on the account of @CLuna27, who is a great defender of human rights. His  WordPress blog   is full of information about  human  rights, for those who are interested in this.

One year of solitary confinement – Join the Twitter Day for Ahmed Mansoor

Free Ahmed Mansour, UAE, January, 2018, CLuna27 Account.jpg

As  a human right activist and blogger myself, I call to the liberation of Ahmed Mansoor.

If you read these few lines, please share widely on your social networks, and sign all petitions you find, like this:

I signed it, and shared it on my Twitter account.

There is this one, too:

If freedom is worth for you, please do the same: sign and share.

Free Ahmed Mansoor.


  1. Thank you for your post in support of Ahmed Mansoor. That is wonderful. Just one comment. You write “Being jailed since more than six months whereas he is innocent is a flagrant violation of human rights”. Ahmed Mansoor was arrested on 20 March 2017. He has therefore spent already more than one year.

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