Strikes against chemicals in Syria, but nothing against Assad

Without having consulted their parliament (in France or in the UK), or Congress, (in the USA), a Western coalition decided to strike the chemical weapons of Assad.

Trump announced his decision in a discourse published in “The New York Times” of April, 14, 2018:

French President Macron made both a speech at the Elysee and tweeted his decision, in French, English, and Arabic:


Emmanuel Macron, Twitter, Arabic.jpg

That could seem a great idea, after the bombing on Ghouta, Idlib, or Douma.

But nothing is thought about Assad himself.

The decision to strike armament in Syria was prompt, despite the UN advice.

It respects the Convention on Chemical Weapons, wich forbids these arms.

Maps can be consulted about these strikes, very punctual and preciseWestern Coalition Strikes in Syria, April, 14, 2018.jpg

. The Western coalition seems aware of  the   last “mistake” (if we can call it so) of its last intervention: according to Syrian organizations, civilians were targets, too.

Here, in this very case, only the weaponry is destroyed. But  the Assad Regime is not considered as a threat to international security.

When Assad will be sent to the ICC at the Hague? That is not a question for international leaders.

This , however, is a daily question for supporters of the Syrian people, and his Revolution.

It is the reason of this post.

To destroy chemicals is good, but to topple Assad is better: it is the goal of the democratic Revolution since 2011.


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