Skies for Shawkan

Shawkan, the Egyptian photographer, is still in jail.

He has committed no crimes.

He only did his job, photographing scenes in Egypt, and he was accused for this of spying.Sky For Shawkan, April, 12, 2018.jpgPhoto By Shawkan, February, 27, 2017.jpg

Photography is a job, and on Twitter the hashtags #SaveShawkan, #FreeShawkan , are viral.

So, I write these few lines as a supporter of Shawkan .#Sky for Shawkan, Twitter, October, 30,2017.jpg

I take a stand for his freedom, for he is innocent. Photography is only a job.Shawkan is a photographer, not a criminal, Twitter, April, 11, 2018.jpgFree Shawkan, CLuna27, March, 27, 2018.jpg

So, to sum up, #SaveShawkan, #FreeShawkan.

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