FREE Mohammed Ali Taheri

Taheri, No to Solitary Confinment, April, 7, 2018.jpgMohammed Ali Taheri , the Iranian scholar, is still jailed, at risk of death penalty; Iran sentences to death penalty all opponents.

However, Taheri is NOT an opponent: he is only a scholar, but his ideas are bad considered by the Mullahs Regime.

His mysticism is contrary to the official religious doctrine in Iran. He is now on hunger strike, and his health is seriously deteriorating.Taheri Movement picture, April, 9, 2018.jpg

An appeal was launched on Twitter to all human rights activists; this is the purpose of this post: raising awareness on his fate, and call for his freedom.

AsĀ  a human rights blogger and activist, I take a stand for Taheri.

FREE TAHERI, for he is innocent.

Release him without conditions.

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