Douma under chemicals

Chemical Attack on Douma, Syrians obliged to flee, Syria Direct, April, 9, 2018.pngAccording to the SNRH, and the Violations Documentation Center, Douma is victim of chemical attacks, including sarin, napalm and chlorine.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Violations Documentation Center provide us stats about these.Russian Forces Violations, SNHR, January, 22, 2018.pngMarch Tolls  human rghts violations, SNHR, April, 12, 2018.png

But, behind stats, let’s go to the victims themselves: children are numerous among them. Marc Nelson paints these kids victims of chemicals.Douma Genocide, Marc Nelson, April, 13, 2018.png

After the beginning of the bombing on the city, it is now  matter of fact that strikes on Douma are chemical ones, and we have evidence of it, thanks to the work of Syrians: the two organizations named upon, and the White Helmets, who rescue civilians .Syrian boy with oxygen mask in Douma in January, 22, Washington Post.jpgBoy victim of a chemical attack in Douma, Free Media Hub, April, 9, 2018.jpg

Photos have been taken by Syrian free-lance journalists, and we can publish here the stats, updated, of the SNHR and VDC.  .

Here is the link of the last report of the Syrian Network for Human Rights:

Click to access No_less_than_793_Barrel_Bombs_Dropped_by_Syrian_Regime_Warplanes_in_March_2018_en.pdf

Assad and Putin are  undertaking in Douma, as in whole Syria, a genocide. I write these lines because I know that the Syrian genocide is no more in breaking news.

In breaking news, you can find topics about radicalization, in France and elsewhere.Even the LICRA (International League Against Racism and Antisemitism)  publishes  a report about  radicalized French students; and , if you forget ISIS, what about Syria?

What about Douma? Douma under napalm, sarin, chlorine? If you dare read these lines, please share widely.

Don’t forget Syrian civilians, exterminated in an astonishing silence.

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