Deir Yassine Massacre, April, 9, 1948

As every April 9, we recall the massacre of Deir Yassine by the Israeli militia, who expelled the Arabs from Palestine, their homeland, and made an awful massacre in this town.

Years after, historians still disagree on the number of victims. But Deir Yassine is a symbol: this of the Nakba.Deir Yassin Massacre in April, 9, 1948.jpg

Arab families slaughtered by Israel , at theĀ time of the foundation of the Israel State.

I will not write a long post . We haveĀ  photos , very old ones , of this massacre, we have records of it


Nowadays, Arabs search how to remember it, how to create a memorial. There is none.

Only oral testimonies can be the memorial of Deir Yassine, so we will give them.

Photos speak more than words. Deir Yassine is so awful that I prefer include photos and let them tell what was Deir Yassine, on April, 9, 1948.Deir_Yassin_family.jpg, April, 9, 2018.jpg

We must never forget these events.

Palestine has its history, even if at its times, we must speak of Nakba.

In the case of Deir Yassine, we must speak of massacre.

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