Where is Taheri?

Taheri is in jail since years, and the Mullahs Regime want to put him in solitary confinment.

Taheri, No to Solitary Confinment, April, 7, 2018

Taheri is innocent, he is  only a scholar. I take a stand here for freedom of expression in Iran, where other opponents are on hunger strike.

Freedom of expression is a human right: Taheri made use of it, in his lessons, articles, books.

Now, nobody knows where he is, what is his fate : his trial is postponed, and he will be judged as he has committed no crimes.

His wife asks desperately: where is he?

So, I write this post in solidarity with her, with his students, and all Iranian activists asking for his release. Although I am not Iranian, but live in the West, I strongly believe in  equality, justice, freedom.

I dedicated this blog to human rights, and, based on these principles of human rights, I urge the Mullahs Regime to free Taheri, a scholar, a man who dared speak  his mind: not a criminal.

Free Taheri.

We want to know where he is, and we want to see him FREE.




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