The slaughter of Syria by the numbers

The Violations Documentation Center, and the Syrian Network for Human Rights, published recently stats on the victims in Ghouta, and on the weapons  used by the Assad Regime. You can find here the link of the last report of the Syrian Network For Human Rights:

Click to access 871_civilians_including_179_children_were_killed_in_the_eastern_Ghouta_one_month_en.pdf

These stats give us a  reliable information on the slaughter undertook by Assad in Eastern Ghouta.

These are monthly data: in only one month, Assad exterminated  the inhabitants of the city, or forced them to flee.

In some cases,people disappeared: the enforced disappearance is one more crime of Assad towards his people.You can see here a testimony of a victim in Douma:

This post will be short, because these figures speak more efficiently than words. I want to give them in this blog, to raise awareness on the fate of the Syrian people, and his suffering.

Please share widely.Number_of_violations_by weapons, VDC, February 24 to March 26, 2018.jpgNumber_of_Killed, VDC, February to March, 2018.jpg

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