Boycott Russia : cup of shame

As the whole world is watching Russia on  all screens for the World Soccer Cup, I call for a Boycott of this cup in every human rights defender.

The photo of the header is property of a  Syrian  activist on Twitter,  @AssadMustGo. I use it for its efficiency.

At the same time, Russia is still slaughtering Syria, helping Assad in his genocide, and vetoing the UN Resolutions.10th Russian veto, Syrian National Coalition.jpg

We are now at the 11th veto.

Russian airplanes strike every day on Ghouta, Idlid, and now, Hama, killing civilians,in the perfect indifference.Assad and Putin dirty war , Syria, March, 29, 2018.jpg

This photo is a group of Russian soldiers with their Syrian hostages.

Putin, who was reelected without surprise, is making a carnage in whole Syria. This Cup is a Cup of Shame : don’t be bystanders; see  what’s happening now in Syria.Civilians of  Ghouta not defeated, Twitter, March, 20, 2019.jpg

The White Helmets  help civilians , rescue them  when they are wounded and organize their departure when they have to flee their home. White Helmets helping civilians in forced evacuation from Harasta to Idlib, March, 24, 2018.jpg

This photo is property of the White Helmets.

The World Soccer Cup  is organized by  the accomplice of Assad, the responsible for a  genocide: we cannot bear that without being accomplice ourselves, by our silence.

Silence kills , as weapons. This is why I express the   World Cup is a Cup of Shame , and we must boycott it.Another strike on Hama, and no reaction in the wold, March, 29, 2018.jpg

Russia has more weaponry  than Assad, and , as I  write these lines, bombs are launched by Putin in Syria.

After being close to win the battle of Ghouta, and obliged its  inhabitants to flee, the Assad regime is now bombing Idlib;it is in this city   that  civilians took shelter, with the help of the White Helmets.Russia kills babies in Eastern  Ghouta, Syrian National Coalition.jpg

At this very time, Hama is victim of Russian shelling. Russia is bombing all towns of Syria, and all civilians.Damascus Media Center, Russian Shellings.jpg

Can we attend these shelling,  and the the World  Soccer Cup , at the same time?

NO to this Cup.

Boycott Russia, for Putin is, too, responsible for the Syrian genocide,as Assad.

This post is nothing compared to  the suffering of the Syrian people, but I write it , because I want to raise awareness   on the crimes committed by Putin.

If you want to do something, too, boycott this cup; soccer is of no importance.

Syrian lives matter, and we cannot be bystanders.

I call you , and on every responsible person, to boycott this cup, and to boycott Russia.

If you’re fan of soccer, you will attend other matches; but you cannot attend the Syrian genocide without be accountable for your silence.

Please, boycott Russia.







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