Keep your eyes open on Ghouta

Save Ghouta, March, 25, 2018.jpgHell on Earth, Estern Ghouta, the Syria Campaign, March, 21, 2018.jpgWhen Aleppo  fell, the whole world was watching the events . Unlike this, Ghouta is close to fall in a perfect indifference.

Don’t be a bystander.

I will not write a long  post: I only want to share information from the Syria  Campaign, and  , please, sign the following petition they put on their site:

Since 2011 up to now, civilians are the targets of Assad.

He makes a real genocide, so please sign and share.

If these events were in YOUR country, what would be your comportment?

Yes, it is an activism post, but images and videos  tell more than words.

The photo of the header is a screenshot taken on the account of @MrAlhamdo on Twitter.

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