Where is Ahmed Mansoor?

Free Ahmed Mansour, UAE, January, 2018, CLuna27 Account.jpgSince some days, people tweet and demonstrate in support of Ahmed Mansoor, who was arrested arbitrary on  March, 20, a year ago.

The best details about his detention, his arrest and his actual case, can be found on the site on the site of CLuna27, who wrote for him.

The Twitter Storm is organized since March, 20, with the two tweets, #FreeAhmed and #WhereIsAhmed.

I think it is not useful to recall that Ahmed Mansoor is a layer and a human rights activist in the UAE, and that this fight is the cause of his detention.

Even if I do not write a  long post, I want to raise awareness on the lack of freedom of expression in the UAE and  speak  out for him in solidarity.

Freedom of expression is a human right, so the conclusion will be short:

I urge the authorities to liberate Ahmed Mansoor, because expressing his opinion and fighting for human rights are not crimes. Ahmed Mansour is a prisoner of conscience.

He must be liberated without condition.


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