From Ghouta and Harasta to Idlib

Families hidden in Harasta, Permission Damascus Media Center, , February, 27, 2018.jpgThe town of Ghouta is now a town phantom, and Harasta, close to it, has been victim of the same murders.

The photo is one of Harasta, property of the Damascus Media Center.

The population of these  two cities are  evacuated, sometimes by the Red Crescent , sometimes  by the White Helmets, to Idlib: these kids await the Red Crescent:

Children of Eastern Ghouta awaiting their evacution by the Red Crescent, March, 24, 2018.jpg

Idlib is no much safer, but in the actual times, it is not bombed daily; Assad and his militias have  the goal to re-conquer Damascus from the Opposition forces.

The journey will be a  supplementary suffering, for those who have been taken in hostages by the soldiers of Assad, or have lost everything in Ghouta.

Assad Genocidals with women and children , a Selfie, in Ghouta, March, 24, 2018.jpg

This photo is a selfie of Assad’s militias with their hostages taken in Ghouta, all women and children.

As usual, the White Helmets  are the only help for the children , the wounded, or the elder.

Photos, as often ,  tell more than words, so I  include in this post  some to show what is this evacuation from Ghouta and Harasta to Idlib: White Helmets helping civilians in forced evacuation from Harasta to Idlib, March, 24, 2018.jpg

Syrian Children , Eastern Ghouta, March, 24, 2018.jpg

Civilians leaving Eastern Ghouta, Syria Direct.jpg

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