Syrian National Coalition calls for support of International Community

Ghouta Des familles sous les bombes, Amnesty, February, 27, 2018.pngAs the Revolution enters in its 7th year, the President of the Syrian National Coalition stresses that the Syrian People is only responsible for his wills, but needs the support of the International Coalition to help realizing them.

To sum up, the US led International Coalition made casualties and didn’t help the Syrian people: bombings on Raqqa, in the last years, are an example.

Destructions of the US led coalition in Raqqa, kill 160 persons in 3 days, August, 23, 2017

At the UN , the Resolutions of the Security Council are most often without effect.

However, the Un Security Council adopted on February, 24, a resolution to implement a 30 days ceasefire. For Syrians,in their daily  life,  no ceasefire at all.

Ceasefire in Ghouta? In Idlid? In Damascus? NO.

Syrian National Coalition calls Ghouta carnage genocide, source Charlie Faulkner, AFP, February, 24, 2018.jpg

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta, January,22, 2018.jpg

This photo is one of Ghouta, after a chemical  attack.

As for Idlib, It is not better:

Assad crimes in Idlib and Ghouta, January,23, 2018, United Nations.jpg

Air strikes kill 16 kids in Idlib, Syria Direct.jpg

So, it is important for the Syrian people  for whom the Resolutions of the UN were voted be efficient.Unlike this, what is the attitude of the leaders , worldwide? Pure indifference, and no support to the Syrian Revolution.

In the breaking news, media are focused on terrorist attacks in THEIR country, and they do not care of the casualties in Syria.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Violations Documentation Center provide reliable  data on the  dead and wounded in Syria, month by month, since 2011 up to 2018.Ghouta victims, February, 14, 2018.jpg

So, the question remains: why this lack of support from Western leaders in favor of the Syrian Revolution?

In 2011, the Syrian people revolted  against oppression, dictatorship, and called for dignity, social justice, and freedom.

All Western countries share and care these values. They should support the Syrian people and revolt  before all these murders in Ghouta, in Idlib, and in Damascus.

Instead of this,the re-relection (without surprise) of Putin is acclaimed by all media:  do they realize they acclaim  a dictator, accomplice of Assad in the genocide of the Syrian people?

This indifference founds the call of the Syrian coalition : the West cannot vote Resolutions and not put them on the ground; these leaders cannot forget the values on wich they founded their own democracies, centuries ago.

For Syria, a help is an emergency.

On it, depends the future of the Syrian Democracy .





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