Artists take a stand for Ghouta


Marc Nelson regularly paints on Syria to denounce Assad and Putin and to take a stand for Syrians.

Although I am not an artist, I often write to take a stand,  too , for Eastern Ghouta.

Ghouta is now destroyed . The White Helmets filmed its destruction while rescuing lives:


Syrians deserve to leave in peace and in a democracy, as they want since 2011.

Assad made of the Revolution a slaughter, and a genocide.

Methodically, region by region, town after town, Syria is destroyed and its inhabitants killed by all criminal ways:

Homs in 2012, Damascus; he began to besiege Ghouta in  2013; of course, Hama, the symbolic town of uprising (repressed by Hafiz El Assad), and then Aleppo , Idlib ; forgive me if I forgot some names.


As Eastern Ghouta , as everyone know, it is a carnage. Assad made of it a genocide.

For its proximity with Damascus, the capital, where sits Assad, the Syrian army is achieving the town . A map, property of Al Jazeera, shows it very well:

Map of Syria, Al Jazeera

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