Justice for Syria

On March, 15, for the 7th “birthday” of the Syrian Revolution, the FIDH published a report about the casualties since 2011. Here is the link to the article, that can be saved as a PDF:


As Syrians revolted against oppression, and for dignity, justice, and freedom, 7 years later, we are obliged to say it became a genocide.

Assad, with the help of Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, exterminated his population .

The path to International Justice, the ICC, is blocked by the Russian vetoes. However, it remains the only solution to topple Assad, and expel him of the government.

There is no political transition  with Assad still governing. The Syrian National Coalition has now a draft of Constitution.

But Assad must be judged for the crimes he is responsible for.

Some towns are still bombed by Russia and Assad’s army: it is the case , essentially, of Ghouta, but also of Idlib, in the governorate of Ghouta.

In Ghouta, the corpses can no more be taken out of the street, where they died, to be given to their relatives, and have funerals according to the Muslim ritual.Child killed in a Street of Ghouta  by Russia and Assad, March, 17, 2018.jpg

With the shelling, and the policy of the siege, wich makes lacking of everything the population, kids are the most vulnerable.

I have written so many posts on Syrian children : even if I cannot actually give money to an association, such as the UNICEF, I write for them.Children victims of bombings in Eastern Ghouta, Twitter, November, 27,2017.jpg

They have known only war in their childhood, and have been deprived of a normal education, of basic cares(the vaccines, for example).Wounded child in Eastern Ghouta, Syrian National Coalition, February, 28, 2018.jpg

The only children who have a minimum of education are refugees in  Jordan or Lebanon: in precarious camps, they learn with voluntary Arabic local teachers, and books sent by the Red Crescent.

In Syria ,  everything is lacking, and Assad  destroyed the schools; despite the international indignation , and petitions, he did.

We have a testimony of the life of a Syrian little girl on Twitter, thanks to @Alabed Bana, even if the account is managed by her mother. But we know that she likes reading, and that the author of the adventures of Harry Potter sent her  all the volumes .

I want to thank Marc Nelson, for all his sketches on Syrian kids and his involvement in this fight for the children.Marc Nelson painting of children in Ghouta.jpg

I want to thank the White Helmets: without them, there would be more casualties.White Helmets in Idlib , January, 28, 2018.jpg

My first thought was to write about Ghouta, but in posts I wrote I mentioned kids. This one is for them.The White Helmets educating children to shelling, February, 11, 2018.jpg

I demand justice for Syria, for all its sufferings.

And I demand justice for Syria, for its kids.


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