Syria: 7th years of a genocide

As I write these lines, we are on March, 15, 2018.

Inside Douma and Eastern Ghouta, March, 15, 2018

The Syrian Revolution began on March, 15, 2011.

This 7th anniversary, there is nothing to celebrate.Unlike this, there are many victims to mourn for.

As the protests were peaceful, Assad began to shoot on demonstrators. 7 years later, cities have been exterminated, with all their inhabitants: in 2012, Homs; in 2013, the siege of Ghouta began, to kill the population by starvation; all the trucks sent by the UN and the Red Crescent were hijacked by the  Assad Regime, and the population of Ghouta began to lacking of everything. Last rebels leave Homs , won by the Regime, May, 21,2017.jpg

The first photo is the evacuation of Homs.Homs 2012 Aleppo 2016.jpg

In 2018, they are leaving the town, as Assad and Putin bombs daily Ghouta, even with chemical weapons.Now, it is phosphorus.Civilians leaving Eastern Ghouta, Syria Direct.jpg

The use of napalm , in the past, made scandal in the international community, especially the American one: the photo of the “napalm girl”, taken during the Vietnam War, went viral on social networks. Nick-Ut, Napalm Girl, 1972.jpg

Aleppo was victim of Assad /Putin shelling, despite the fights of the FSA.The true victory of the FSA was to destroy the Islamic State .

The Syrian National Coalition, wich acts as an interim government , for the Revolution, negotiates with the FSA the operations .

But the real aim of this Coalition and of the FSA is to topple Assad, to send him at the ICC of The Hague, and to call for help towards the UN.

In effect, the draft of Resolution by the special envoy to Syria , Stefan de Mistura, and all the Resolutions of the UN have been without effect.

As a direct consequence, the population of Ghouta, and now this of Douma, are now dying , in the perfect indifference of the international community.

Only Syrian  Human Rights Defenders, and NGO as Human Rights Watch , are committed to inform us of the violations of human rights in Syria.

Adding to the Syrian National Coalition, the Syrian Campaign inform us by a You Tube channel and by emails. They are present on social networks.

In 2014, as the UN renounced to count the casualties, so important they were, the Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Violations Documentation Center are our only  reliable source of information.

Why this number of deaths in Ghouta, and wounded, rescued by the White Helmets? Save Ghouta Now, The White Helmets, February, 20, 2018.jpgEastern Ghouta 674 casualties in 13 days, a town of 400 000 persons, says a White Helmet, February, 18, 2018.jpg

Ghouta is the closest nest of resistance on the road to Damascus, and Assad makes all his possible to the victory .Syrian Army pushes for victory in Ghouta, March, 15, 5018

Even if Ghouta is a genocide, no matter for him: his people is nothing compared to strategy.

This is this man who media present as a very good diplomatic partner.

This is now 7 years that he exterminate his own people; journalists make their job risking their life.The photo of the header is a Syrian journalist.

Thanks to the White Helmets, civilians become voluntary rescuers, thanks to the FSA, and the Human Rights Associations, thanks to the Syrian Coalition, the Revolution continues.

I hope, next year, I will write on the victory of the Revolution, for its 8th Year.


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