From negationism to indiference, WMD about Syria

I wrote many posts on Syria, but today I found on Twitter some accounts wich negated the Syrian genocide.

Yes, it is a genocide, and the word is not an exaggeration.

Propaganda has done its job; about this, read ” Who Rules the World” by Noam Chomsky, on the power on mass media: no more daily  share news about Syria, and some present Assad as a very good partner in diplomacy.

Facing this position, Syrian Channels, like this of the Syrian National Coalition, or the Syrian Campaign, share the Syrian Opposition News.

The crimes of Assad/ Putin are documented by the Syrian Network for Human Rights , and the Violations Documentation  Center.

We all know, thanks to these ones, that the Syrian Regime and Russia are responsible for exterminating civilians, including kids.

From were come this negativism?

Indifference is generated by the fact the Revolution is during since 2011. We are now in 2018, and people like breaking news.

Ghouta is besieged and bombed since 2013: is the reader fed up by the same news?

If he is, he will see below how the Syrian  population and his leaders still claim for the departure of Assad and call to the world and the UN to help:

This video is property of the Syrian National Coalition .

It is in Arabic, with good English subtitles.

Please share widely.

It is the  claim of the Syrian Opposition.

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