For Palestine, Trump is another Nakba

For all Palestinians, the word “Nakba” (“disaster”, in Arabic), refers to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, following WWII, and the discovery by the World of the Nazi Camps.

Really, it is only the realization of an old text, dated of 1917, the Balfour Declaration, wich wanted to give Jewish a land.Balfour Declaration, Foreign Office, 1917

In practice, it was a de possession of their homeland to Palestinians: when Jewish arrived in Palestine in 1948, to settle, they did it by force, stealing to Palestinians their territories.

Old ¨Photo Of Palestinians, March, 10, 2018.jpg

Most of Palestinians were expelled to allow Jews to settle. Now, Israel is a State, official and recognized at an international level, and Palestinians are repressed in their homeland.

Moreover, they do not live in the full territory, but in parts of it, such as the Gaza Strip, a overcrowed part of Palestine.You can see it in the map below.

Gaza Strip, UNRWA

They are deprived of elementary rights, such as demonstrating to ask more  land, more liberty. In effect, their circulation is not free, and the Israeli police shoots on opponents .

The case of Ahed Tamimi is  revelatory of this lack of freedom: she slapped a policeman, and she was jailed for this; she is still, despite all petitions in favor of her liberation.

Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian Activist Jailed by Israel, Twitter, January, 5, 2018

In mass media, Israel is always presented as the protection of the Middle-East in the region, against terrorism.

About Palestinians, only NGO, such as Amnesty International , or Human Rights Watch, defend their cause.

The UN has its own instance for the Palestine, the UNRWA, but it has financial difficulties; it has more now, because Trump has cut all aid to the UNRWA.

Traditionally, the USA were the bigger donor to the UNRWA, but Trump does not support the cause of Palestine. Never have we seen an American President so close to Israel: his declaration making of Jerusalem the capital of Israel created a scandal in Palestine, and in Jerusalem.Trump tweets on Jerusalem, January, 3, 2018.jpg

Jerusalem, and Trump does not seem aware of it, is a Holy City for the three Monotheisms.For Jews, there is the Temple; for Muslims, the  Al Quods Mosque, Second Holy place in Islam after Mecca; for Christians, it is the place where Jesus died.

Trump created a mess by his declaration, and this one was followed by  several”day of rage”: I put the term “day” in “day of rage”, at the singular,  because it is a spontaneous protest, in the Arab world, against what is felt as an injusticejerusalem(6).jpgjerusalem(5).jpgjerusalem-israel-trump-protests(2).jpgjerusalem(7).jpg.

If we want to see it in perspective, Trump killed the Oslo Agreements, and the Two-States Solution.

After the Nakba, Palestinians always thought, and still think, of a “right to return”.This is a map of Palestine since 1917 until now:

Palestine from 1918 until now.png


This right is founded. Palestine was (and is) their homeland. An agreement is possible.

Shooting on Palestinians , even on kids and teens, will never be a solution.

In the USA, Trump is a great ally of the NRA.In Israel, he is an ally of the Israeli Police.

But the Palestinian question is not a western; on politics, depend peace and human rights.


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