Save Ghouta NOW

Children victims of bombings in Eastern Ghouta, Twitter, November, 27,2017.jpgIn newspapers, the situation of Ghouta is no more of actuality.It’s a real lack of conscience, because  days after days, the city is dying .

Dying of indifference, but essentially of the Russian shelling, uninterrupted.

Putin is making a real carnage in the town, and the Syrian National Coalition called it a testing zone.

As Russia has more armament than Assad, Putin does the slaughter at his place. Relating to Assad, he uses prohibited arms, weapons of mass destruction, WMD, as chlorine. Syrian National Coalition calls Ghouta carnage genocide, source Charlie Faulkner, AFP, February, 24, 2018.jpg

Kids are the first victims of these weaponry: shelling and chlorine.

Ghouta bombed by Assad with phosphorus, February, 24, 2018.jpg

Sometimes, Amnesty issues a petition to stop this massacre, but social networks are the most aggressive means to act, because news are shared .Ghouta Des familles sous les bombes, Amnesty, February, 27, 2018.png

I cannot be insensitive to this situation: I cannot understand how many people are bystanders, before what the Syrian National Coalition called a genocide.

We forgot the Rwanda, the Balkans, the horrors of the Wars of Lebanon.

In our ancient History, we forgot WWII, even if it is on this basis that Israel exists , with all the actual consequences.

One day, a historian will discover Ghouta, and a tribunal will sit for it: must we wait until this moment?

Meanwhile, a whole population is dying, for strategic reasons: Ghouta is the closest nest of resistance to Damascus.

For Assad and his regime, the fall of Ghouta is necessary on the road to conquer Damascus.

See this in a humanitarian point of view, not as a strategic one: since 2013, Ghouta is besieged, bombed, and lacks of everything. The trucks with medicines and basic goods do not enter the city: they are blocked by  Assad’s militaries.

Photos of dying kids, who cannot breathe , by lack of oxygen supply; civilians who live in the rest of what was their home; burning  craters, and the incendiary light provoked by the bombing of chlorine.

I, who write regularly for Syria, in the hope that one day the  Revolution win, see these images days after days.

Before beginning a post for Ghouta, I ask myself what will be the title, so many I wrote.

It is a question of life. Ghouta must live.Stop Bombing Ghouta, protest in Berlin, February, 26, 2018.jpg

This photo is a protest in Berlin against bombings in Syria.

So, I write for Ghouta in hope , for the population, for the kids.Break the silence on Ghouta, February, 13, 2018.jpg

I write for the Revolution, hoping its victory: every man deserve justice and democracy.

I write  because , as Martin Luther King, I have a dream: Ghouta without bombings; Ghouta free.

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