Ghouta on the path of a genocide

On his  You Tube channel, The Syrian National Coalition warns that Ghouta is on the path of a genocide, because of Russian shelling associated to  Assad’s means (chemicals, and a siege since 2013).

Below is the video, in Arabic, with very good English subtitles:

Putin using his armament in Syria, especially in Ghouta: remember how the Waffen-SS tried his weaponry in Guernica, in 1936.guernica picasso.jpg

A contemporary artist, Bonnie Kipperman, realized a Syrian Guernica: Guernica 1937 Syria 2017, Twitter, Bonnie Kipperman, May, 1, 2017.jpg

Moreover, Russia vetoes all the Security Council Resolutions to condemn Assad.

They are both responsible for the Syrian genocide.

On Twitter, the hashtag #HumanRightsDiedInGhouta is now viral.

I write this very short post only to raise awareness on the situation in Ghouta, and as a human right defender.

By all means you have, act for Ghouta.


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